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Dropshipping is the easy way to generate income from online business. 

You don’t have to stock products at home. But you can start selling other people’s products easily with dropshipping mechanism. Try with no risk, and you can play selling products with huge variations and categories.

You just copied your supplier products, and upload in your own shop with suppliers products, But if you do it manually you can take lot of times and energy.

Why making it faster of uploading products with populer marketplace in malaysia like shopee?
 Shopee has many consumers in malaysia, so you can doing business right now with our help.

Introducing MDS MY
Dropshipping tool in malaysia


Mrhands Dropship 
Dropshipping Tool

Special in malaysian marketplace
Support Aliexpress, Chinabrands and Upload to Shopee Malaysia

MDS MY for Malaysian Marketplace

Mrhands Dropship  Malaysia (MDS MY) is software to scrape data 
from Aliexpress, Shopee, Chinabrands and upload to Shopee marketplace in malaysia.

This is early state of dropshipping software in malaysia,
You can join it in early state of development of Indonesian best tools dropshipping software.

Incredible Features

Scrape From Shopee and upload to shopee right on the apps

Support variations in products, all variations work well from shopee to shopee malaysia

Support auto categories from shopee, you don't have to add categories manually.

Support multiple options of price options to get profit

Support manipulation text in title and descriptions

Use auto watermark or frames and easy to setup

More Features

Scrape from Aliexpress, Chinabrands, and

Auto Frame / Watermark Features

User Friendly User Interface

Auto Prefix, Suffix and Word Replacement

Auto categories on shopee

It's light and Work in any operating system

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$90 45/year

USD 90 Per Year
Save $45

Standard Plan


Frequently Asked

Yes, MDS MY is a sofware based on chrome extension, so you can install it in any operating system with chrome browser installed.

You can install up to 3 devices with registered device key unique by google chrome browser per profile.

Yes, we will update our application frequently, and It allows you to give suggestion / request to us about the feature.

We don’t guarantee all functions will work forever, It depends on marketplace itself. But we will try hard to follow how marketplace is doing especially if the feature will not work in the feature.

To Your Success

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